Aerial Systems

Due to our extensive local area knowledge, we live here, we are able to quote for your required aerial system, utilising the correct aerial for your location. Our aerial range has been specifically selected not only for performance, but built quality, ensuring you years of trouble free viewing. Where possible, the necessary cabling is routed as discreet and hidden as possible.

Extra points can be added to your existing aerial system at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated aerial for that point.

The only thing digital about an aerial is the signal that flows through it and we only advertise these, as these are what people believe they require! Do not be conned by companies either offering or named after these, call A1 Aerials on 0782 149544 or 01896 820083 and get honest advice.

Many people throughout the Borders still have issues with freeview viewing, some simply require only a little self help advice which A1 Aerials always provides prior to quoting for any required works, which is also available within the self help section of this site. We will never sell you a product that you don’t require.

The price we quote is the price you pay.