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I used to get a great digital signal prior to latest frequency change, but now it breaks up all the time: –

If your aerial is aligned to the main Selkirk transmitter giving all available channels. What happens is your tv or set top box finds and stores information the local repeater, which you in effect start viewing digital tv through either the side or the rear of your aerial, which is not what your aerial was designed to do. Simply start the automatic channel scan with the aerial out, reinsert the aerial just prior to channel 32, allow your tv or equipment to save the 14 BBC services, pull the aerial back out and reinsert just prior to the scan reaching channel 50 or 59% complete. This will ensure that your tv or set top box only receives the signal from Selkirk. If you are still unable to receive BBC1 on channel 1, you will require to replace your aerial. You will still be able to receive BBC1 on channel 751 (flick up the channels to see the other BBC channels)for a period of 1 month, so don’t panic and pay through the nose for your aerial. Call 0808 1000 288 for technical support or list for further information, however after speaking to them last week on a customer’s behalf, I am horrified that consumers are expected to pay for the change enforced upon us. This issue has been raised with our MP Calum Kerr, who is having a meeting today with digital UK and @800, to hopefully provide assistance (Christine Grahame MSP hasn’t bothered to reply!!). As with all works within your house, please get more than quote to replace your aerial if required. In 2008 the help scheme advised a gentlemen that he required to replace his aerial at a cost of £130, where in fact due to a frequency change at the Innerleithen transmitter at the time, the customer lost ITV1 and there was no issue with his aerial, which I resolved over the phone at no cost to him, local knowledge is a good thing, so beware!! If you still have other issues check channel 12 (Dave) and 132 (Sky News) if these are breaking up, call me for further advice on 0782 1495444 or 01896 820083